2021 Session

Budget Bill - HB1800 (Introduced)

Tobacco Tax Study

Item 3-5.17

Item 3-5.17


The Joint Subcommittee to Evaluate Tax Preferences is hereby directed to continue studying options for the modernization of § 58.1-1001(A), Code of Virginia, to reflect advances in science and technology in the area of tobacco harm reduction, and the role innovative non-combustible tobacco products can play in reducing harm, including products that produce vapor or aerosol from heating tobacco or liquid nicotine. In addition, the Joint Subcommittee shall study possible reforms to the taxation of tobacco products that will provide fairness and equity for all local governments and also ensure stable tax revenues for the Commonwealth. The Joint Subcommittee shall complete its study and submit a final report with recommended reforms to the Finance Committees of the Virginia Senate and Virginia House of Delegates. All agencies of the Commonwealth shall provide assistance for this study, upon request.