2015 Session

Budget Bill - HB1400 (Introduced)

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Item 3-2.03

Item 3-2.03


a. The State Comptroller shall provide lines of credit to the following agencies, not to exceed the amounts shown:

Administration of Health Insurance


Department of Accounts, for the Payroll Service Bureau


Department of Accounts, Transfer Payments


Department of Accounts, for Enterprise Applications


Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control


Department of Corrections, for Virginia    Correctional Enterprises


Department of Emergency Management


Department of Environmental Quality


Department of Human Resource Management, for the Workers' Compensation Self Insurance Trust Fund


Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services


Department of Motor Vehicles


Department of the Treasury, for the Unclaimed Property Trust Fund


Department of the Treasury, for the State Insurance Reserve Trust Fund


State Virginia Lottery Department


Virginia Information Technologies Agency


Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation


Department of Historic Resources


Department of Fire Programs


Compensation Board


Department of Conservation and Recreation


b. The State Comptroller shall execute an agreement with each agency documenting the procedures for the line of credit, including, but not limited to, applicable interest and the method for the drawdown of funds. The provisions of § 4-3.02 b of this act shall not apply to these lines of credit.

c. The State Comptroller, in conjunction with the Departments of General Services and Planning and Budget, shall establish guidelines for agencies and institutions to utilize a line of credit to support fixed and one-time costs associated with implementation of office space consolidation, relocation and/or office space co-location strategies, where such line of credit shall be repaid by the agency or institution based on the cost savings and efficiencies realized by the agency or institution resulting from the consolidation and/or relocation.  In such cases the terms of office space consolidation or co-location strategies shall be approved by the Secretary of Administration, in consultation with the Secretary of Finance, as demonstrating cost benefit to the Commonwealth.  In no case shall the advances to an agency or institution exceed $1,000,000 nor the repayment begin more than one year following the implementation or extend beyond a repayment period of seven years.

d. The State Comptroller is hereby authorized to provide lines of credit of up to $2,500,000 to the Department of Motor Vehicles and up to $2,500,000 to the Department of State Police to be repaid from revenues provided under the federal government's establishment of Uniform Carrier Registration.

e. The State Lottery Department is hereby authorized to use its line of credit to meet cash flow needs for operations at any time during the year and to provide cash to the State Lottery Fund to meet the required transfer of estimated lottery profits to the Lottery Proceeds Fund in the month of June, as specified in provisions of § 3-1.01G. of this act. The State Lottery Department shall repay the line of credit as actual cash flows become available. The Secretary of Finance is authorized to increase the line of credit to the State Lottery Department if necessary to meet operating needs.

f. The State Comptroller is hereby authorized to provide a line of credit of up to $200,000 to the Department of Health to cover the actual costs of expanding the availability of vital records through the Department Motor Vehicles to be repaid from administrative processing fees provided under Code of Virginia, § 32.1-273 until such time as the line of credit is repaid.