2005 Session

Budget Bill - SB700 (Introduced)

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Department of State Police

Item 456

Item 456

First Year - FY2005Second Year - FY2006
Crime Detection, Investigation, and Apprehension (30400)$159,842,308$159,913,612
Investigation and Arrest (30406)FY2005 $41,539,381FY2006 $41,539,381
Highway Patrol Services (30407)FY2005 $118,302,927FY2006 $118,374,231
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2005 $133,708,245FY2006 $133,708,245
SpecialFY2005 $12,351,074FY2006 $12,351,074
Commonwealth TransportationFY2005 $7,220,997FY2006 $7,292,301
Trust and AgencyFY2005 $20,000FY2006 $20,000
Federal TrustFY2005 $6,541,992FY2006 $6,541,992

Authority: §§ 27-56, 33.1-292, 52-1, 52-4, 52-4.3, 52-8, 52-8.1, 52-8.2, and 56-334, Code of Virginia.

A. The Department shall provide a report on the utilization and performance of the positions provided in this and previous biennia for violent crime strike forces and for the state/local anticrime partnership to the Governor and Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees by October 1 of each year.

B. Included in this appropriation is $589,687 the first year and $589,687 the second year from Commonwealth Transportation Funds for the personal and associated nonpersonal services costs for eight positions. These positions will be dedicated to the I-95/395/495 Interchange Improvement Project. Commonwealth Transportation Funds to support these positions will remain available only until the completion of this project. This appropriation will be funded as part of State Highway Project No. 0095-029-F20 and Federal Project No. NH-95-2(410).

C. Included in this appropriation is $414,768 the first year and $414,768 the second year from the Commonwealth Transportation Fund to support 17 positions, all of which shall be Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers, that will be required to support operations at weigh stations statewide. The Department of Planning and Budget shall allot these funds on the basis of a plan submitted by the Department of State Police regarding operating hours of weigh stations statewide.

D. The Department of State Police shall modify the implementation of the division of drug law enforcement established pursuant to Chapter 600 of the Acts of Assembly of 2000, and shall redirect, as may be necessary, resources heretofore provided for that purpose by the General Assembly for the purposes of homeland security, the gathering of intelligence on terrorist activities, the preparation for response to a terrorist attack and any other activity determined by the Governor to be crucial to strengthening the preparedness of the Commonwealth against the threat of natural disasters and emergencies. Nothing in this item shall be construed to prohibit the Department of State Police from performing drug law enforcement or investigation as otherwise provided for by the Code of Virginia.

E. This appropriation includes $1,465,460 the first year and $1,465,460 the second year from the general fund and $162,829 the first year and $162,829 the second year from nongeneral funds for increasing the base pay for sworn personnel.

F. The Department shall deposit to the general fund an amount estimated at $100,000 in the first year and $100,000 in the second year resulting from fees generated by additional criminal background checks of local job applicants and prospective licensees collected pursuant to the passage of Chapter 742 of the 2003 Acts of Assembly.

G. Included within this appropriation is $1,045,375 the first year and $1,045,375 the second year from the Rescue Squad Assistance Fund to support the Department’s aviation (med-flight) operations.