2005 Session

Budget Bill - HB1500 (Introduced)

The College of William and Mary in Virginia

Item 175

Item 175

First Year - FY2005Second Year - FY2006
Higher Education Auxiliary Enterprises (80900)$48,983,779$48,983,779
Food Services (80910)FY2005 $9,134,700FY2006 $9,134,700
Bookstores and other Stores (80920)FY2005 $687,000FY2006 $687,000
Residential Services (80930)FY2005 $14,181,778FY2006 $14,181,778
Parking and Transportation Systems and Services (80940)FY2005 $910,215FY2006 $910,215
Telecommunications Systems and Services (80950)FY2005 $4,948,498FY2006 $4,948,498
Student Health Services (80960)FY2005 $2,161,474FY2006 $2,161,474
Student Unions and Recreational Facilities (80970)FY2005 $4,483,870FY2006 $4,483,870
Recreational and Intramural Programs (80980)FY2005 $456,549FY2006 $456,549
Other Enterprise Functions (80990)FY2005 $4,492,033FY2006 $4,492,033
Intercollegiate Athletics (80995)FY2005 $7,527,662FY2006 $7,527,662
Fund Sources:  
Higher Education OperatingFY2005 $44,223,162
FY2006 $44,223,162
Debt ServiceFY2005 $4,760,617
FY2006 $4,760,617

Authority: Title 23, Chapter 5, Code of Virginia.

Nongeneral fund revenue in excess of operating costs for the National Planned Giving Institute may be transferred to the Endowment Association of The College of William and Mary in Virginia in accordance with the wishes of the donor. At the close of each fiscal year, the College shall notify the Director of the Department of Planning and Budget of the amount transferred.