2013 Session

Budget Bill - HB1500 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY2013Second Year - FY2014Totals

Office of Education

The College of William and Mary in Virginia
C-2Improvements: Renovate Dormitories$5,000,000$0
C-3Improvements: Improve Auxilliary Facilities$12,000,000$0
C-3.10New Construction: Construct New Dormitory$1,000,000$0
Richard Bland College$750,000$0
C-4New Construction: Construct Student Housing, Phase II$750,000$0
Virginia Institute of Marine Science$8,050,000$0
C-4.50Acquisition: Research Vessel$8,050,000$0
George Mason University
C-5New Construction: Construct Economics Building$30,735,000$0
C-6New Construction: Construct Fairfax Student Housing IXA$41,071,000$0
C-7Language Only 
C-7.10Improvements: Renovation and Expansion of George Mason Baseball Stadium$4,027,000$0
C-8.10Language Only 
C-8.15Expand the Central Utility Plant, Fairfax Campus$0$9,536,000
James Madison University
C-9New Construction: Construct Campus Parking Deck$29,621,000$0
C-10Acquisition: Blanket Property Acquisition$5,000,000$0
C-11New Construction: Construct Student Health Center / RMH East Wing$851,000$0
C-12New Construction: Student Housing Phase I$50,000,000$0
C-13New Construction: University Recreational Center (UREC) Addition$56,983,000$0
C-13.10New Construction: Convocation Center$88,000,000$0
University of Mary Washington
C-13.50Acquisition: Refinance Student Housing and Parking Deck$90,000,000$0
Old Dominion University
C-14Acquisition: Acquire Additional Land, Phase I$5,765,000$0
C-15Improvements: Renovate Student Housing, Phase II$23,113,000$0
C-16New Construction: Construct Campus Dining Improvements$24,766,000$0
C-17New Construction: Expand and Renovate Webb University Center$19,945,000$0
C-18New Construction: Construct a Basketball Practice Facility$6,851,000$0
Radford University
C-19Maintenance Reserve$1,500,000$0
C-19.10Improvements: Renovate Washington Hall$5,410,000$0
C-19.20Language Only 
University of Virginia
C-20Improvements: Construct Millmont Collaborative Conservation and Objects Study Center$1,100,000$0
C-21Improvements: Replace East Chiller Plant$29,000,000$0
C-22New Construction: Construct Facilities Management Landscape Shop$1,960,000$0
C-23New Construction: Blandy Farm/State Arboretum Research Laboratory$1,450,000$0
C-24New Construction: Construct SEAS/FM Shop Building$4,200,000$0
Virginia Commonwealth University
C-25New Construction: MCV Campus Parking Deck$30,000,000$0
Virginia Community College System
C-26New Construction: Construct Parking Deck, Midlothian Campus, John Tyler Community College$6,829,000$0
C-27New Construction: Construct Parking Garage, Annandale Campus, Northern Virginia$16,912,000$0
C-28New Construction: Construct Parking Garage, Woodbridge Campus, Northern Virginia$23,467,000$0
C-29New Construction: Construct Parking Garage, Chesapeake Campus, Tidewater$25,893,000$0
C-30New Construction: Construct Parking Deck, Chester Campus, John Tyler$6,829,000$0
C-31New Construction: Construct Parking Garage, Loudoun Campus, Northern Virginia$16,912,000$0
C-31.10New Construction: Provide Funding for a Workforce Development Center, Danville Campus$0$3,700,000
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
C-32New Construction: Construct Veterinary Medicine Instruction Addition$14,000,000$0
Virginia State University
C-32.50New Construction: New Student Union$35,547,000$0
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
C-33Improvements: Renovate and Expand Faberge Gallery$2,222,000$0