1998 Session

Budget Bill - SB29 (Introduced)

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First Year - FY1997Second Year - FY1998Totals

Office of Education

Virginia Community College System
C-12Improvements: Upgrade Campus Exterior, Thomas Nelson Community College$150,000$0
C-12.10Improvements: Old Fine Arts Building, Supplement, Virginia Western$500,000$0
C-12.20New Construction: Medical Education Campus, Planning, Northern Virginia Community College$385,000$0
C-13New Construction: Parking Facilities, Thomas Nelson Community College$355,000$0
C-15New Construction: John Tyler Community College, Chester Landscape Development, Phase IV$350,000$0
C-16New Construction: Tidewater Community College, Chesapeake Campus Tennis Courts$459,000$0
C-17New Construction: J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Downtown Campus, Phase II$275,000$530,000
C-17.10New Construction: Economic Development/Business Technology Building, Mountain Empire Community Coll$1,250,000$0
C-17.20New Construction: Amphitheater, Manassas Campus, Northern Virginia$165,000$0
C-17.30New Construction: Bookstore Construction, J. S. Reynolds Community College$0$466,000
C-17.40New Construction: Fredericksburg Campus Equipment, Germanna$184,000$0
C-17.50New Construction: Maintenance Services Facility, Virginia Western$0$250,000
C-17.60Improvements: Existing Main Building Renovations and Structural Upgrades, Piedmont Virginia$0$100,000
C-17.70New Construction: Center for Health & Community Development, Southwest Virginia$0$500,000
C-17.80Improvements: Plan Campus Renovations, Blue Ridge$0$64,000
C-17.90Improvements: Plan Renovation of Building A, Parham Road Campus, J. Sargeant Reynolds$0$82,000
C-17.95Improvements: Roof, Major Mechanical and HVAC Renovations$0$1,500,000
University of Virginia
C-18Improvements: Renovate Academic and Research Facilities$4,000,000$0
C-18.10Improvements: Law School Renovation, Supplement$6,000,000$0
C-18.20Improvements: Rugby Road Widening, Supplement$130,000$0
C-18.30New Construction: Planning for Special Collections Library, Supplement$2,250,000$0
C-18.40New Construction: Athletic Office Building$5,500,000$0
C-18.50New Construction: Biology Greenhouse$400,000$0
C-18.60Improvements: Old Multistory Hospital$1,753,000$0
C-18.70Improvements: Microbiology Department, School of Medicine$1,475,000$0
C-18.80New Construction: Planning for Law School Residential College$2,000,000$0
C-18.90Improvements: Planning for Clark Hall Renovation and Addition$1,500,000$0
C-18.91Improvements: Gilmer Hall, Phase II Renovations$1,900,000$0
C-18.92New Construction: Stormwater Management System$3,547,000$0
C-19Improvements: Renovation of Vacant Spaces, Health Sciences Center$3,000,000$0
C-20Improvements: Renovate Scott Stadium Seating$5,000,000$0
C-20.10Improvements: Law School Cable Repair$0$4,400,000
C-20.20Planning: Plan Scott Stadium Expansion$6,000,000$0
C-20.30Planning: Plan Medical Research Building$4,000,000$0
C-20.40Improvements: Sprinkler System, High-Rise Dormitories$504,000$0
C-20.50New Construction: Supplement to Chemistry Building Chillers$2,500,000$0
C-20.60New Construction: Plan for East Precinct Chiller Plant$1,250,000$0
C-20.70New Construction: Athletic Offices, Meeting Rooms, and Practice Facilities$970,500$0
C-20.80New Construction: Student Health Center Addition and Renovation$4,000,000$0
C-20.90Acquisition: Eastern Shore Property$600,000$0
C-20.95Improvements: Renovate Gildersleeve Apartments$0$1,900,000
University of Virginia Medical Center$25,636,853$0
C-21New Construction: Construct Parking Garage$5,200,000$0
C-22Improvements: Renovate Pediatrics Department, Second Floor$5,500,000$0
C-23Improvements: Renovate Medical Facilities$6,000,000$0
C-24Acquisition: Acquire Property$900,000$0
C-24.10Language Only 
C-24.20Improvements: Multistory Renovations, Levels 2 and 3$1,526,000$0
C-24.30Improvements: Urology Department Renovations$3,035,000$0
C-24.40Improvements: Maintenance Reserve$279,853$0
C-24.45Improvements: Emergency Room Renovations$3,196,000$0
Clinch Valley College$4,504,000$0
C-24.50Improvements: Plan Renovation of Science Building$100,000$0
C-24.60Improvements: Replace Water Tank$454,000$0
C-24.70Improvements: Zehmer Building Renovation$950,000$0
C-24.80New Construction: Athletic and Recreational Fields$3,000,000$0
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
C-25Improvements: Renovate Academic and Research Facilities$3,000,000$0
C-26New Construction: Plan Special Purpose Housing$600,000$0
C-26.10Improvements: Sprinkler System, High-Rise Dormitories$5,630,000$0
C-26.20New Construction: Supplement to Advanced Communications and Information Technology Center$0$2,500,000
C-26.30Improvements: Planning for Upper Quad Conversion, Phase II$0$1,530,800
C-26.40New Construction: Addition to Cheatham Hall$0$2,471,000
C-26.50New Construction: Airport Parallel Taxiway$0$3,128,500
C-26.60Improvements: Telecommunications Upgrade$0$3,700,000
Virginia Commonwealth University
C-27.10New Construction: Planning for Life Sciences Laboratory and Classroom Facility$1,000,000$0
C-27.20Improvements: West Hospital Life/Fire Safety$0$3,500,000
C-27.30Fine Arts Center, Phase II$2,040,832$0
C-27.40Improvements: 21st Century News Center$5,000,000$0
C-27.50New Construction: Physical Plant Storage Facility$700,000$0
C-27.60Improvements: Sports Medicine and Athletics Department Facilities$0$2,300,000
Old Dominion University
C-28Maintenance Reserve$35,000$0
C-28.10Acquisition: Land Acquisition, East Side Master Plan$0$8,000,000
George Mason University
C-30Improvements: Renovate Patriot Center$2,000,000$0
C-31New Construction: School of Information Technology and Engineering Site$800,000$0
C-32Maintenance Reserve$488,000$0
C-32.10Language Only 
C-32.15Renovate Student Union$775,000$0
C-32.16Improvements: Alternative Fuel Facility$0$565,000
C-32.17New Construction: Plan Academic Building IV, Fairfax Campus$0$1,100,000
C-32.18New Construction: Supplement to Prince William Institute, Phase I$0$1,000,000
The College of William and Mary in Virginia
C-32.20Improvements: Marshall-Wythe Law Library, North Wing Addition$3,467,000$250,000
C-32.30Improvements: Campus Cable$4,000,000$0
C-32.40Improvements: Renovation of Swem Library$1,250,000$6,500,000
C-32.50New Construction: Supplement to Facilities Management$266,000$0
C-32.60Improvements: Renovation of Wren Building$0$3,676,000
C-32.70New Construction: Environmental Field Station$0$1,500,000
C-32.80New Construction: Plumeri Baseball Park$0$1,800,000
Virginia Institute of Marine Science$475,000$550,000
C-33New Construction: Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Virginia Research and Educa$475,000$0
C-33.01Acquisition: Gloucester Point Campus$0$550,000
Richard Bland College$600,000$0
C-33.10Improvements: Roof Repairs$600,000$0
James Madison University
C-34Improvements: Plan Campus Steam System Improvements$154,000$0
C-34.10Improvements: Sprinkler System, High-Rise Dormitories$450,000$0
C-34.20New Construction: College of Integrated Science and Technology, Phase II$0$500,000
C-34.30Acquisition: Downtown Office Buildings$1,081,000$0
Christopher Newport University
C-35Improvements: Blanket Authorization - Auxiliary$250,000$0
C-35.10New Construction: Sports, Wellness, and Convocation Center$525,000$15,000,000
C-35.20New Construction: Plan Residence Hall$400,000$0
C-35.30Acquisition: 34 Shoe Lane Property$90,000$0
C-35.40Acquisition: Blanket Authorization$0$1,400,000
C-35.50New Construction: Performing Arts Center$0$15,000,000
C-35.60New Construction: Plan Parking Structure$0$500,000
Norfolk State University
C-36Maintenance Reserve$476,000$0
C-36.10Improvements: Plan Renovation of Vocational Building$120,000$0
C-36.20Improvements: Plan Renovation of Teacher Education Building$250,000$0
C-36.21Improvements: Sprinkler System, High-Rise Dormitories$759,000$0
C-36.22Acquisition: Acquire 25 Acres, South Brambleton Area$0$830,000
Longwood College
C-36.30Acquisition: Property Acquisitions Blanket Authorization$465,000$0
C-36.40Improvements: Sprinkler System, High-Rise Dormitories$918,000$0
C-36.45Improvements: Renovation and Expansion of Small Business Development Center$0$100,000
C-36.50Improvements: Renovation and Expansion of Small Business Development Center$0$100,000
Mary Washington College
C-37Maintenance Reserve$100,000$0
C-37.10New Construction: Plan HVAC Replacement and Fire Sprinkler System$200,000$0
C-37.20New Construction: Stafford Campus Supplement$0$500,000
Radford University
C-38Improvements: Blanket Authorization - Auxiliary$750,000$0
C-39Acquisition: Land for Auxiliary Enterprises$750,000$0
C-40New Construction: Plan to Renovate and Construct Addition to Student Center$600,000$0
C-41New Construction: Construct Track and Soccer Field, Phase I$1,750,000$0
C-42Maintenance Reserve$1,301,000$0
C-42.10Improvements: Sprinkler System, High-Rise Dormitories$1,516,000$0
Virginia Military Institute
C-43Maintenance Reserve$90,000$0
C-44Improvements: Renovate Crozet Hall$3,966,000$0
C-45New Construction: Renovate and Construct Addition to Blair House$1,200,000$0
C-45.10Improvements: Plan for Renovation of Scott Shipp Hall, Phase I$375,000$0
C-45.11Improvements: Barracks Modifications$0$505,000
C-45.12Improvements: Cocke Hall Modifications$0$2,430,000
C-45.13Improvements: Modify other Buildings$0$1,440,000
Virginia State University
C-45.20Improvements: Daniel Gymnasium Air Conditioning$647,000$0
C-45.30New Construction: Equipment for Business Building$0$450,000
C-45.35Improvements: Upgrades to the Outdoor Track$300,000$0
Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center
C-45.40New Construction: Economic Development/Education Center$568,945$0
The Science Museum of Virginia
C-46Equipment: Fire/Security System$337,000$0
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
C-47Improvements: Alterations to Workspace in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts$150,000$0
C-47.05New Construction: Supplement to Center for Education and Outreach$275,000$0
Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
C-47.10Improvements: Jamestown Settlement, Phase II Supplement$750,000$0
C-47.20Improvements: Jamestown Settlement Cafe$1,280,000$250,000