1996 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Introduced)

Item 4-5.07

Item 4-5.07


a. The accounts of any agency, however titled, which receives funds from this or any other appropriating act, and is not owned or controlled by the Commonwealth of Virginia, shall be subject to audit or shall present an audit acceptable to the Auditor of Public Accounts when so directed by the Governor or the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission. The agency shall provide for the segregation and accounting of state funds under such rules and regulations as the State Comptroller may prescribe.

b.1. No allotment of appropriations shall be made to a nonstate agency until such agency has certified to the Secretary of Finance that cash is on hand and available to match equally all or any part of an appropriation which may be provided by the General Assembly, unless the agency is specifically exempted from this requirement by language in this act. Such matching funds shall not have been previously used to meet the match requirement in any prior appropriation act. In-kind or other forms of noncash assistance shall not be deemed to satisfy the match requirement unless specifically allowed by language in this act.

2. The provisions of § 11-35 (I), Code of Virginia shall apply to any expenditure of state appropriations by a nonstate agency.

c. Each interstate compact commission and each organization in which the Commonwealth of Virginia holds membership, the dues for which are provided in this act or any other appropriating act, shall submit its biennial budget request to the state agency under which such commission or organization is listed in this act. The state agency shall include the request of such commission or organization within its own request, but identified separately. Requests by the commission or organization for disbursements from appropriations shall be submitted to the designated state agency.

d. Unless specifically exempted by language in this act, operating appropriations in excess of $100,000 shall be disbursed to non state agencies, with the exception of interstate compacts, commissions, and organizations in which the Commonwealth holds membership, in twelve or fewer equal monthly installments depending on when the first payment is made within the fiscal year.