2013 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1500 (Member Request)

Chief Patron: Gilbert
Eligible Localities for Port Incentives (language only)

Item 4-14.00 #1h

Item 4-14.00 #1h

Effective Date
Effective Date

Page 544, line 24, after "New Kent," insert "Page,".
Page 544, line 25, before "Southampton" insert "Shenandoah,".

(This amendment increases the list of eligible localities under the Port of Virginia Economic and Infrastructure Development Zone from 36 to 38 jurisdictions by adding Page and Shenandoah counties, which are located near the Virginia Inland Port. This language is included in the budget as the legislation was not adopted as stand-alone legislation during the 2012 Session but included in Part 4 of the budget through a Governor's amendment at the Reconvened Session.)