1998 Session

Budget Amendments - SB30 (Committee Approved)

MWC Lease to Public TV Station (language only)

Item C-75.01 #5s

Item C-75.01 #5s

Education: Higher Education
Mary Washington College

Page 362, after line 16, insert:
"C-75.01  Capital Lease:  CVETC Studio and Towers
   Mary Washington College is hereby authorized, with the approval of the Governor, to lease to Central Virginia Education Telecommunications Corporation (CVETC) sufficient land and easements for the construction, operation and maintenance of a not-for-profit, non-commercial educational television station with offices, studios, classrooms, and communications tower facilities, together with such easements as may be necessary for access thereto and utilities.  The lease shall provide that CVETC will construct the station at no cost to the Commonwealth, with the exception of such access roads, utilities, and parking areas which Mary Washington College may construct to serve its own facilities on adjacent lands and which it may permit CVETC to share.  The station and related improvements will be designed and constructed solely by CVETC, notwithstanding the provisions of § 2.0 and 4-4.00 of this act, provided that Mary Washington College must approve its design prior to construction.  The lease shall be for a term or succession of terms not exceeding fifty years, and shall give CVETC the option to renew for an additional term or succession of terms not exceeding fifty years, upon the recommendation of the Governor and the approval of the General Assembly, as provided in §2.1-511 of the Code of Virginia.  Upon termination of the lease for any reason, the real property and improvements shall revert to Mary Washington College and the Commonwealth, provided that CVETC shall be given the option upon such termination to purchase the communications tower facility in fee simple, including surrounding lands not exceeding one acre and necessary easements for access and utilities, all of which shall be determined by and described in the lease.".

(This amendment provides for the co-location of Mary Washington College and Center Virginia Education Telecommunications Corporation (CVETC) facilities on the Stafford Campus property.)